Age of Eleven

Aquarian [11:11] Transmissions

 Seven Days of Slay creator Rai - (Instagram:  @SunnySunRai ) 

Seven Days of Slay creator Rai - (Instagram: @SunnySunRai

Seven Days of Slay
by Rai

Someone asked me recently, “What are you most inspired by? What is your focus now that you’re getting up there in womanhood?”

For me it's quite simple: build a legacy for my family that I can be proud of.

After making the decision to move to Austin this year, something changed. I could feel when I moved that the shift I began to experience was propelling me into a deeper understanding of my passion and my purpose.

When my sisters came to visit me in April, they really set a fire ablaze in my home. My entire world changed--or should I say: ours.

What we formed was an instant circle of magic that commenced with Prince’s transition from this Earth. It’s as though we knew, on a subconscious level, to tap into that creative energy immediately: One of the greatest artists and light beings of all time had transcended to become an ascended master, and this energy was to be shared among the world.

 11:11. Wake up!

11:11. Wake up!

After Prince’s death, my home served as an incubator of creative energy for nearly seven days. We were on our way to being born again. But, not without the transformative power of release. We lit a candle that burned for three days to honor him. He went forth during the Scorpio Full Moon and true to the characteristics of the phoenix, death precedes rebirth.

When the girls left, I spent some time in meditation and asked very clearly for instruction.

On May 1, I recorded a video highlighting Oprah's 10 rules for success. One of her rules is “understand your next right move.” 

I examined all of my assets and I asked myself, what area could use more exploration? Which of my works represent the unity of Sisterhood; the legacy for my family’s wealth, abundance and prosperity? What's something that I can create to become immortal through my work as Prince did through his?

I began to see art as living and breathing.

The idea for the custom apparel of Seven Days of Slay came first, and the idea for Twin Gem tattoos followed shortly after. It was only natural that I collaborated with Chartreuse -- one of my closest friends and a major influencer -- to cultivate my passion for expression through this new brand and launch the collection with the GemTwin Tee.

 mizChartreuse in the AstroFro Zodiac GemTwin Tee

mizChartreuse in the AstroFro Zodiac GemTwin Tee


I hope each woman who adds a piece from Seven Days of Slay by Rai to her closet receives the art as a permanent symbol of Sisterhood and Legacy, the same way I felt when I introduced the idea of twin art for Chartreuse's and my new tattoos.

There's magic in Ink, whether it be on the clothes we wear, the paper we write on, or the etch into our skin.

Inspired by all of the women I call sisters and the magic of their Melanin, the custom apparel of Seven Days of Slay by Rai is homage to the boss babes, the masterminds, the lovers and the thinkers, the nice and the nasty, the sweet and the sassy.


Cheers to you for every threshold you have crossed to become the goddess that you are today.

May these tees n’ things remind you that you are too wild to tame, and too vast to contain. 


You are forever too legit to quit cause at the end of the day, got dammit we killing this ish.


Monday-Sunday. We came to SLAY.

Love, Rai.